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Led by Jeff Goodman and Rob Dauster, two of the biggest names in the college basketball media industry, the Field of 68 Media Network is the premier destination for the college basketball insight, analysis and access.

For the summer of 2022 and throughout the 2021-22 season, Goodman and Dauster — along with the likes of former Purdue forward Robbie Hummel, former Clemson guard Terrence Oglesby and John Fanta, the voice of the Big East — headline a network of creators covering college basketball from a national point of view on an extensive podcast network.

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An obsessed college basketball fan, born in the Midwest and living in New York.
There's always something to talk about in college basketball, whether it's Duke or UNC, or even New Mexico State and Grand Canyon. I'm here to break it all down and provide my insight into the who, what, and why of it.
Award-winning college basketball writer. Free agent. Men's League All-Star. Shoot your shot. COYS. Contact: Rob dot Dauster at Gmail #HIREROB
College hoops fan, formerly NBC Sports. I run The Field of 68 Daily. Follow me on Twitter @ mikemillerF68
I'm Sean Paul (@seanpaulcbb) on twitter and I write about College Basketball, discussing each of the 32 leagues with a strong focus on the mid-major world.
Sports journalist, The Field Of 68 producer